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About Me

Hi, my name is Anna Lee and I’m a self-taught photographer. I grew up in Arizona beneath big skies and open spaces. I had the freedom to explore and I am forever a dreamer captivated by nature, light, shadow, color, and reflection.


My love for photography began with motherhood. Yes, I was the Mom who was inspired by Anne Geddes and stuffed her baby into a pumpkin. My ideas and skills have evolved from there. 

I use an intuitive approach, infusing imagination, emotion, and artistry. Each individual, event, and relationship has a story to be told. It is with a grateful heart that I can translate yours into a lasting memory. It is important to me that our meeting flow organically and that you feel comfortable. I live for making soulful connections and love adventuring with new and old friends. Let’s get inspired and create some magic. 

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